Oryx Adopts and Merges with Nihilo Blockchain
Oryx Adopts and Merges with Nihilo Blockchain
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ORYXCOIN will use NIHILO blockchain, and NIHILO Coin now will be renamed as ORYXCOIN. All earlier technology initiative will become redundant and a full adoption into Nihilo blockchain will take place on 15th July 2018.

NIHILO—The Innovation

With its completely different approach, NIHILO innovates and slowly improves the utility of cryptocurrencies. NIHILO Coin is a cryptographic medium of exchange that offers an alternative way of payment and because it is an open source virtual unit of account, it can offer instant cashless peer-to-peer payment transactions. NIHILO Coin also comes with a built-in decentralized and disintermediated peer-to-peer e-commerce online marketplace.

It is notable to mention that NIHILO Coin is a true pioneer in cryptocurrency retail banking, as it plans to provide its community the opportunity to use NIHILO Payment Cards for everyday payment transactions.

And last, but not least, NIHILO Coin has its own original way of mining. To effectively create a trustless, distributed and decentralized governance framework, NIHILO Coin is mined peripherally, as this way of mining to prevent any entity from taking control over the autonomous and independent operation of NIHILO Real-time Gross Settlement Payments Internetwork.

  1. Advantages in Oryx Nihilo Merger
  • ORYXCASH holders will get NIHILO/ORYXCOINS as valuation share which they can hold in there wallet for future gains by staking the coins and generating more income.
  • Both communities are getting extra added value on having 2 valuable coins.
  • The project will use a private blockchain for its asset-backed coin and public blockchain of NIHILO for payment, transactions and startup integration.
  • NIHILO coin will have an organic demand rate which will keep the price increase on a healthy position. No pump and Dump in price gives the coin a price increase created by real-time demand.
  • NIHILO public blockchain will give ORYXCASH holders the confidence of following up their startup investments in a public blockchain and cutting out the centralized mining of ORYXCOIN.
  • NIHILO blockchain is ready to use tool for every startup company.
  • NIHILO blockchain is ready to be integrated into banking operations, exchange, and co-branded debit card
  • NIHILO Coin is a full POS (Proof of Stake) algorithm which gives extra value as you can have two options for getting your income increase by :
  1. Staking: if you hold min 10 NIHILO coins for 8 hours in your wallet they will start staking. Every block reward has 10 NIHILO from which 4 NIHILO goes to staking. The more coins you keep in the wallet the higher the rewards.
  2. Master node: you can operate a master node which has a collateral of 10.000 coins.Every block reward has 10 NIHILO from which 6 NIHILO goes to master node operators. The more master nodes you run the higher the rewards.
  • NIHILO wallet is build up to stake without know how. People have to do nothing then keeping coins in the wallet for them to stake and generate new coins

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I am looking forward to see more updates in the future as the merge of Oryx with Nihilo builds up a really promising project Maura Barbulescu Yes, tested it. Setting up MNs is easy and hassle free. The network is healthy, with rewards and staking running smooth. Well done. Cosmo
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