Oryx mentioned in CIO Review India
Oryx mentioned in CIO Review India
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We are extremely delighted to announce that Oryx Prive Investment LLC has been listed as the company of the month in the Block chain special edition of CIO Review India. Oryx Prive Investment LLC is a global financial and asset management advisory company, primarily focused in Fintech space. The company has largely evolved to integrate blockchain technology into financial and investment groups across the globe.

Oryx in not only aiming to harness the blockchain technology in full measure, but also have been working on integrating the same with more sophisticated technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Cryptography and Smart Contracts. Sajid Jamal, Founder, Oryx Prive Investment LLC, believes that through the VC industry's transactional history on blockchain and through asset tokenization, Oryx will serve the community with added benefits, as compared to how traditional capital markets operate. This means, direct liquidity through listing on crypto trading exchanges, more visibility through transparent blockchain, reduced lockup periods, secure and easily accessible tokenization, low entry limits and technical assistance to a potential investor.

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