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Nihilo Blockchain – Next Generation Blockchain Financial Infrastructure.

Oryx ecosystem is powered by Nihilo Blockchain, a strong powerful blockchain engine that can adopt any use case on top of it. The Oryx ecosystem will use both private and publically accessible Nihilo blockchain system for instantaneous processing of peer to peer transfer of wealth or simply cashless payment transaction.

main features
blockchain technology Nihilo is efficient and easy

Nihilo is efficient and easy to use. Our Research & Development Teams are focused to bring advanced Blockchain technology to the Community and establish a stable and resilient Trustless network for Web 3.0 Infrastructure.

blockchain technology Governance

Nihilo is powered by a decentralised Trustless governance framework that provides for security, anonymity and fair mining.

blockchain platform Masternodes Support

Our Research & Development Teams bring Step-by-Step Guidance about setting up OryxCoin Masternodes for both Linux and Windows applications.

Blockchain Engine Instant Private Send

All transactions via Oryx network are safe and secure. Oryxcash for transfer of wealth or Oryxcoin for payments is processed in real time, 24/365. These Settlements are instant, final and irrevocable.

blockchain system Masternode reward

60% Block rewards go to Masternodes for hosting the blockchain and processing transactions. OryxCoin Masternodes ensure that 51% network attacks are not possible and also provide for Users’ privacy.

decentralized blockchain technology Nihilo Marketplace

New age online platform processing payments in less than 1 second. Using advanced decentralized blockchain technology to power up The WEB 3.0 marketplace.

Blockchain Network Community

OryxCoin network is powered by hundreds of Community Masternodes, located all over the world. The governance of OryxCoin is efficiently decentralised and distributed. Anyone can propose or vote on governance proposals.

Oryxcash Nihilo – Private Blockchain

Algorithm: Nihilo

Ticker: ORYX Blockchain operated by a supernode , in order to process all transactions

Max supply: 250.000.000

Premine: every 5 years 50 mil coins will be premine

25GB: Bandwidth

Block time: 120sec

Confirmations for transaction: 10

Confirmations for mined block: 100

Block size: 10MB

Oryxcoin Nihilo – Public Blockchain

Algorithm: Nihilo

Ticker: ORYX

Block time: 120sec

Block size: 10MB

Confirmations for transaction: 10

Confirmations for mined block: 100

Max supply: 21.000.000

Masternode collateral: 10.000 ORYX

Dark Gravity Wave

Private Send Implementation

Block reward: 10 NIHL

Masternode Reward: 60%

Staking Reward: 40%

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